The Side Hustle Challenge

101 Side Hustles to Make Money Online: My Crazy Plan to Try Them All

I’m On the Hunt for Profitable Online Side Hustles. Follow my Journey!

Que Sarah Sarah 🌴
4 min readJun 9, 2022
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I am always looking for ways to make more money. You can never have enough can you?

I know that I am not alone in this.

We all want to find ways to bring in extra cash, especially nowadays when the cost of living is so high.

That is why I have decided to

embark on a crazy journey:

trying all of the side hustles

I think will work for me!

I will be documenting my experiences here on my Medium account, and I would love for you to follow along. I’ll update this article with links to each experiment as I go so please bookmark it and subscribe so you don’t miss the updates, which will no doubt be hilarious in most cases!

I’ve started a list below. I’m not going to do them in order. But I’ll pick one at a time and give it all my attention so that it has a chance to work.

Wish me luck! 🍀

And if you have any suggestions for other side hustles that I could try, please leave me a comment!


  1. Constant Content — Side Hustle Objective: Sell pre-written content. Seems like no-brainer.
  2. KDP No Content Books — Side Hustle Objective: Earn from sales of notebooks, journals, coloring books etc. Simple enough to create but I think the success is all in the marketing.
  3. Flippa — Side Hustle Objective: Build and sell a small website. So many niches to chose from. But my background means I know how to build websites, design logos, write content and apply SEO. Looking forward to this project!
  4. Fiverr — Side Hustle Objective: Become a pro seller and sell gigs. Not so keen on this, but I think it might be a good place to sell specific gigs.
  5. Canva — Side Hustle Objective: Create and sell templates. Been a…



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